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Independent Conservative


Stan Jones

Independent Conservative

Indiana House District 85





Hoosiers are Taxed Enough Already, including the most recent gas tax. There is no good reason Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky have lower fuel tax rates. I will work to eliminate this tax and also to reduce the income tax rate.

Violent crime appears headed our way. Last year Indianapolis set a deadly new murder record and Fort Wayne came within a couple of setting its own new record. As this trend threatens to spill over into our rural areas we need to prioritize our resources to enhance police training and competency. Once arrests are made, other elements of the Criminal Justice system need to step up so justice is served and recidivism minimized. It is unrealistic and counterproductive to expect police to shoulder the entire burden.

Government is best which governs least. Most residents would rather be left alone but when government's actions are beyond its proper role it needs to be held accountable. Accountability from the governor to the school board and every level between. Government is established to serve us not to be served by us. 


Legislator Conduct

If the past two years has taught us anything its that parental involvement in a child's education is crucial. This cannot be left up to the experts as they too often have their own interests at heart and not the child's. A local public school board is as accountable to us as any other government agency and parental input and inquiry should not be diminished or shackled. Additional accountability can be had in the form of education delivery options and financing.

The residents of House District 85 need better than an absentee representative. We need someone in touch with our concerns. When the governor deemed liquor stores essential and churches and synagogues not, did we hear even the feeblest of protests from our incumbent? NO! Maybe this is because four of his top financial contributors are from the beer, wine, and liquor industry. This included a contribution from of all places Sacramento, California. Really? When was the last time anyone met with or even saw our incumbent? And why would we when his financial support comes from out-of-state political action committees and Indianapolis lobbying firms. Regardless what he says or will say, we need someone not indebted to corporate interests or in the pocket of the local party; someone willing and able to say "NO" when our interests and concerns are at stake.

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